The Boxes: Experiments in Time, Light, & Space

Pinhole cameras sit at an intersection between the old and the magical. Despite the centuries-old knowledge of the basic optical processes involved, these cameras continue to produce captivating images. Homemade pinhole cameras, in particular, provide valuable insights into the fundamentals of photography, enabling photographers to craft customised tools for exploring light, time, and space.

Delving into the realm of light, one camera incorporates filters that pair with risograph colour drums, ultimately generating full-colour images from black and white film. Another camera focuses on capturing the passage of time through the slit-scan technique, which records a single line of space over an extended duration. The resulting photographs depict the changes that occur within that line over time. Lastly, the camera that explores the concept of space does so by capturing a series of exposures, with each subsequent exposure partially overlapping the previous one. The result is a cohesive image composed of multiple photographs seamlessly merging into one another.