An attempt to live in

My experience of being a student at the KABK comprised more movement than definition. Instead of formulating a conclusion to a period of artistic research, I learned to embrace the pivoting potentiality of "no". In these four years, during which the corroded misconduct and mismanagement came to light, "no" brought the community together in speculating about the other side of the equation, about what could be instead of what is. The omnipresent decay reminds me of my household, where mess lives together with care.

The installation is a testament to the poetic imagination of art making. An expression where for comes after.

('for comes after' is coined by Sara Ahmed in the book 'What's the Use?', p.24)

"With his earnest and youthful rebelliousness, Pum converts clumsiness into an irresistible site where empathy, existential reflection, criticism, and self-support resonate and foster a state of being that reflects the current." - Xue Mu

self-portrait of the artist wearing a protective helmet
close up shot of the installation showing a glass filled with cement on which a aluminium construction stands
overview of the installation showing the chair where the audience can sit and listen to the audio work.