Robin Wielink

Keywords: Research-based print design, Slow-design, Color-symbolism

Internship: PB. & Bonne Suits
Read Thesis, 0639352337,,

Welcome to CLUB INDIGO, where the allure of indigo is celebrated through a fashion collection that pays homage to the infinite shades of this mesmerising colour.

Through a remarkable upcycling process, each garment in this exhibition has been transformed, breathing new life into forgotten fashion. Meticulously dyed, each garment showcases a diverse palette of indigo hues, infusing them with vibrancy and individuality—a celebration of both transformation and sustainability.

 The personally crafted intricate collages adorning the garments are laser-etched onto the fabric, with the designs drawing inspiration from the mystical and protective properties historically associated with indigo dyeing on the skin. These powers have been put in a contemporary context by creating a new layer that you can put on your skin, while making visible the history and research on the topic. 

 The concept of ready-to-wear is redefined through the creation of carefully tailored research containers; transforming it into ‘ready-to-read’. In each research container, talks and interviews with indigo and denim experts* offer valuable insights into the craft, while prints bring the garments to life on paper, allowing you to immerse yourself in their essence.

*Mariette Hoitink from the House of Denim Foundation, Lennaert Nijgh from Benzak Denim Developers and up and coming denim designers Trinity Williams, Florian Regtien and David (Bowie) Klaassen

Robin Wielink is a Dutch creative powerhouse with a passion for blending anarchy and order to create impactful visual languages. As a graphic designer, photographer, fashion designer, and researcher, she thrives on crafting one-of-a-kind and authentic work.