The Landscape of My Mother

Upon entering the space you encounter several ceramic sculptures. Although the sculptures consist of the same material they vary in colour, size and style. Each sculpture embodies a distinct narrative. They possess an air of tenderness and detail, with some depicting unsettling scenes.

The smaller sculpture of an older woman standing atop a young girl is an example of this. The two contain many details, from the pattern adorning the dress to the little woven socks. Initially drawn closer by the size, you soon discover the unsettling nature of the scene portrayed. Despite the apparent distress, both the older woman and the girl bear expressions of calm and nonchalance, as if their positions were entirely ordinary and accepted.

Another figures that commands attention in the space is a woman floating between ceiling and floor. Composed of mirrored surfaces, with four breasts and two heads, she exists as both one and multiple. Her eyes are rested. The woman is closely surrounded by a congregation of serpents. They belong together, as they are part of an ancient Catalan myth. 

The sculptures form a collection of stories. Some depict ancient beliefs and myths, while others are contemporary realities descending from a deeply personal domain - the realm of family. The sculptures exist beyond a linear timeline. When woven together, these sculptures represent rare narratives floating between fiction and reality.