Taras Typeface

"Taras" is a modern Arabic typeface, designed specifically for editorial use. It combines classical aesthetics with contemporary elements, drawing inspiration from the intricate details of the Thuluth style. Taras features generous ascenders and descenders, as well as relaxed proportions, requiring a comfortable line height for optimal legibility. Primarily intended for editorial uses, it is recommended to use the Light weights at sizes ranging from 7 to 13pt, while the heavier weights are best suited for sizes 18pt and above. Taras is part of a larger font family that includes experimental styles, abstracting the Light and Bold weights.

By adhering to the cursive style of Thuluth Calligraphy, Taras remains faithful to the inner system of the Arabic script, striking a balance between tradition and modernity, familiarity and presence. The typeface’s curved connections and fusions add a dynamic liveliness to its overall design.

The word "Taras", derived from the Arabic word “Tirs”, meaning “Palimpsest”— a book or paper that has undergone gradual erasure over time and been written upon again. This typeface symbolizes the act of rewriting upon what has been erased. By drawing inspiration from a religious-related style dating back to the Abbasid period, Taras aims to revive and modernize the essence of this ancient style. It breathes new life and meaning, providing it with a fresh context and relevance for contemporary usage.