A Very Personal Relationship Between Sound and Movement

Nursinem Aslan

Keywords: Sound-art, Movement, Interactive performance

nursinemaslan.xyz, nursiaslan@gmail.com, instagram.com/nursithehuman

A performance that explores new possibilities of traditional musical expression.
In the context of exploring new affordances in musical interaction, movement practice can contribute to developing a more nuanced and intentional use of bodily movement in musical expression. By increasing body awareness and control, movement practice can provide musicians with a wider range of movement vocabulary to draw from and can help to reveal new connections between movement and musical expression.

Performance hours (At PB301) : 30 June - 13:30, 15:30, 19:30 | 1-2-3 July - 14:30, 16:30, 18:30 | 4 July - 14:30, 16:30

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Photos: Ira Grünberger