Tangle and untangle. Connect and disconnect.

"Tangle and untangle. Connect and disconnect." uses fragile threads to connect you to the surrounding space. Through the act of creating tangles and brushing them out, you become a part of the circuit, attaching and detaching your body to it. The light and sound transform with these movements, as the circuit expands and shrinks.

You are a part of this spiderweb, brushing out knots that were left behind and creating more for others to untangle. Everything is interconnected and interdependent; and as these connections are fragile and prone to breaking, they must be cared for.

Tangling and untangling, Connecting and disconnecting.

I rake my fingers through the knots, brushing away any tangles that form.

I care for these strands, for they are fragile, disrupted by the smallest breath of wind, by the slightest brush of a body.

I become a part of the circuit, connected by the tip of my finger.

I become just another thread, entangled in this web, until I break away and disconnect.