Familæ Salentium; A Culinary Ode to Family Heritage

Isabel Pereira

Keywords: Cultural heritage, Collective narratives, Family memories

Internship: Studio Oilinwater
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This nordic installation pays homage to the centuries-old Norwegian tradition of preparing and consuming Bacalhau, where cod is hung outside to dry. Aiming to connect with diverse cultures that share this culinary history, this installation serves as a tribute to the power of food and the cultural heritage it embodies.

As part of the project, dinners were hosted with people from various cultural backgrounds to explore the significance of the bacalhau in their culinary heritage. These shared meals not only provided insights into the dish's history and traditional consumption but also revealed cherished family memories. Objects that were integral to these dinners are displayed beneath the drying rack, adding to the immersive experience.

During the exhibition, the work is activated through a series of gatherings, where the audience is invited to sit beneath the structure for a collective reading of the odes. This session intertwines experiences and memories from the dinners, creating a deeper connection between the audience and the installation.