Combining dream and science, myth and reality, history and current affairs, ancient stories and modern pop culture, collective memory and forgotten lessons. I push and pull my own world and the fictional one together. Retelling ancient stories through modern devices. Showcasing that their relevance is undying and an endless source of inspiration.

I am simultaneously an extreme activist and intentionally inattentive. I believe that through beauty you create an accessibility to discuss complex topics. And through storytelling, you create space to have sympathy for one another. One work could be about a perfect world by which you can daydream away. Another work will respond to the seemingly indestructible patriarchal society and how you struggle through it as a human. Both are important parts of life and both are relevant.

The accidental meeting between the holy trinity and Venus somewhere near Sienna
Pluto disguised as Lou triumphantly ascends the hades stairs after the nearly completed journey of despair pleasure and contentment of Orpheus who looked back and had to leave his fair Euridice with Persephone