domestic mythologies

The way I experienced growing up and my migration from Romania have contributed to my ambivalent relationship with home. As I grew up in a culture where traditional gender roles are pursued I started to look at household dynamics as a catalyst factor of one's identity.

While moving, I started to explore objecthood within the domestic realm. I’ve been using personal archives as a main source; I document my daily domesticity and manipulate the representation of the scenes and objects that I interact with. The objects I chose are separated from their domestic purpose and placed in a context where their value transitions. The objects are presented in a non-hierarchical way as elements that build one's identity.

Through their objecthood, an obsolete digital camera, a PSP or the first generation of an iPod have the power to encapsulate a transitory period of time. While other objects such as the razor induce the idea of femininity through its' gendered design. I assembled the series of belongings in a space that simulates a home environment, and showcased them as artifacts that create the experience of personal history.