Paper Parcels from the Past

In the room stand a series of casts from a lived-in space. Combinations of architecture and objects left behind within them recollects the home setting that once was. The empty vessels depict a skin belonging to the body of home that all the spaces and objects form communally. Yet the figures possess a quality of coldness deprived of the living breathe that once solidified the forms into burrowing architecture.

Paper Living Room

The sculptures represent a house in transit. Reflecting on the ability of spaces and objects sourced from different locations to morph into one body of home. As well as the ability of these solid sources to transition from one home body to another or be a piece of multiple. The installation archives a personal collection of home bodies collected in multiple places. Everytime the installation is built down and reinstalled its construction is rearraged. Sculpting different settings by blending the figures in a different formation. Referring to how the setting of home changes during reinstallation but also merges with transported memories from the previous dwellings.

Central to the work is a process of impossible restoration. The packaging paper takes an imprint of the personal scenes before departure. Attempting to memorialize the encounter with the space before its solid shapes move on to house other scenes. As soon as the paper lets go of the solid form it however crumbels loosing the memory its original structure over time. Due to the nature of this thin skin the balance of this construction needs to be constantly restored but in doing so memory and material slowly loose touch overtime.