Playground 3000

In times where we’ve become more sensitive to efficiency, monotony or routine in our societies, having a play-mode functions as a way to interpret things differently and become more open to new attitudes.

Playground 3000 is a project that embraces the simplicity of play in a delicious and soft way in response to our rigid environments. Embracing the freedom that playing brings in different contexts, this playscape extends an invitation to everyone to use their senses in embodied ways and to discover new interactions with the environment. 

This installation, with comfy and ludic forms, proposes a set of conditions to play in a free way. Inspired by rural landscapes of Peru, this installation reflects on the scope of the act of play. Through this landscape with different qualities, forms, size, sound, textures, and colours we can trigger our awareness and play-mode. Activities like playing with a soft stone or laying down and feeling our body interact with comfy spaces can help us to release tension from daily life.

By using a hands-on techniques of sculpting and felting locally-sourced materials such as foam and wool, qualities like softness and fuzzyness appear in an intriguing and curious way, bringing a dreamy, playful, and unexpected aesthetic to play design.

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