Comprised of numerous screen recordings that capture the familiar acts of scrolling, swiping, and popular online imagery, "I GOT CONSUMED BY THE CONTENT I CONSUME" exists as a chaotic yet skilfully orchestrated mosaic of videos. Beneath the initial allure, however, lies a disquieting sensation. 

By altering the context through which we perceive media, the artwork detaches the content from the scrolling experience, shedding light on the vacuity, clamor, and inherent stress of social media. This provokes a fundamental question: are we the consumers of media, or does media consume us?

The video installation is a poignant exploration of the perils and complexities embedded within our relationship with social media. Standing as a commentary on the overwhelming nature of digital content and its potential to shape our lives, the work prompts a deeper introspection on the impact of media consumption on well-being. Advocating for mindful engagement with the digital landscape, the video demands a re-evaluation of our roles as active consumers.

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