Water as a home / Healing memories


Audio loop, 9 minutes 

An audio installation with my own composition of sounds based on my experiences in the dark after an accident where I fell on my head. I asked musicians to create sounds which I used to compose this audio piece for the stairwell. As a result of the accident I couldn't stand light exposure and spent weeks in my dark bedroom below the waterline. I had just moved to my houseboat and through sound and movement I got to know my new environment. A process of waiting, despair, sadness, gloom, surrender but ultimately also hope. It is a site-specific audio installation because of the special acoustics of the stairwell.

Eva Luna Kordas - Vocal, Ali Yarici - Guitar, Ron Breugelmans - Double bass, Aleida van Dijk - Alto saxophone


Collage of charcoal drawings. Height 450 cm-width 370 cm 

Due to the accident in which I fell on my head, I couldn't bear much for almost two years. That's the reason I started solo long-distance hiking in the mountains. The senses open up. Just by walking, slowing down and looking. Healing memories is about my search for comfort and feeling safe. Beautiful past memories took me back to the mountains, to mountain streams and trees where I feel safe. The work is about deep inner reflections and passing time.

Water as a home. Audio loop, 9 minutes. Five speakers distributed through the stairwell on different floors. Each speaker has a different sound. The sounds mix through space.