song of a splinter / letters to months

A collection of heat prints on thermal paper suspended in space, which becomes a host for reading performances; an attempt to sustain the life of a fragmented archive that forgot where it begins;

a self-generated language that becomes a diary, a clock, and a way of knowing.

It is a practice-sharing moment; printing as writing; writing as self-editing; part of ongoing research on language; language as the environment and its impact on epigenetics of a self; record of the uncounted attempts to articulate the interplay between comprehension and misinterpretation; how does meaning, that is always moving, slips away from words, objects, and me.

Each print is an iteration of an object translated onto paper, emerging with temperature, time, and physical presence of materials; same as a self is vulnerable to change and collapse, the paper can easily be overheated and the scans become obscured or damaged;

Readings include: texts from a personal archive, poems in the form of lists, and iterative enumerations and spoken word improvisations. All of those are mixed with curated texts, that belong to the thesis bibliography and source material.