Fanfictional Politics

Pedro Gossler

Keywords: Truth, Politics, Conspiracies,

According to Walter Benjamin on his unfinished and ultimately unsuccessful work “The ArcadeProjects”: “If a mosaic of quotations is built up correctly, a pattern should emerge that is more than the sum of its parts but which cannot exist independently of them: this is the essence of a new form of historical-materialistic writing. ”Weirdly enough, conspiracy theories seem to emulate a similar coincidental logic to produce vastly different results than what was initially proposed by Benjamin. In an attempt to investigate the emergence of politics in the age of internet forums, Fan-fictional Politics uses conspiracy theories as a storytelling device, connecting events by the thinnest layer of cause and effect in a three channel video-essay narrating the haphazard tapestry of facts and fiction that when interwoven seem to constitute our present sense of reality.