Petra Eros

Keywords: Cognitive, Enhancement, Futureofwork

Internship: DE_FORM
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The speed of life has seen an exponential acceleration in the last 30 years, which has called for the ‘improvement’ of human labour force. Neuroscience has proven, that the human brain is highly underutilised, and its cognitive potential is in fact, limitless. SOMA is a speculative product line of research-driven neuro-nutrients, that promotes peak human performance no matter the exertion of neoliberalist working conditions. 

With her immersive installation of a pop-up enhancement dispensary, Petra Erős poses questions on the contemporary language of design, that creates desires, but does not lead to desirable futures. Her project explores the changing societal viewpoint towards neuro-hacking and reprogramming of the brain in the pursuit of augmented cognitive potential.