Pavlo Radich

Keywords: Dutch, Modernist, Architecture

Internship: Lyanne Tonk
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staatsduet.com, info@pavloradich.com, instagram.com/pavloradich

Having spent a good deal of his teenage years in the shadows of Brutalist buildings in Kyїv, Ukraine – Pavlo brings attention to Brutalism in the Netherlands by establishing his own typology of examples that might fall under the demolition plan.  

Affordable luxury developments - sleek, sterile, and almost entirely made of glass -appear to be the main architectural objective of the present, leaving brutal concrete buildings of days gone a mere sentiment lost to time. Weltanschauung sheds a last light on those colossal, rugged structures scattered across the country, before they disappear for good.

Printer: Drukkerij Raddraaier SSP
Paper: Novatech Matt 135 g/m2 | Fedrigoni Sirio Vermiglione 290 g/m2
Size: 225 × 290 mm
Pages: 172
Images: 399
Typeface: Lausanne Pan
Print run: 20