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Graduation Catalogue

The KABK Graduation Archive showcases final projects of bachelor and master students who have completed their studies at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. For Graduation Calogues dating back to before 2020 you can find printed versions available at the KABK Library and some in PDF format below.

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This year, the 8 masters in Non Linear Narrative present Outside Through Within, the culmination of deep research, testing and making, and includes work that deals with topics ranging from family dynamics under patriarchy to the transformative power of gardening; from the economy of attention to the relationship between architecture and soil; from the allure of economic palaces to our collective memory of war, and the unique experience of being an art student.

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The  MA Non Linear Narrative programme takes the entanglement of relations in the global information society as a starting point, in order to identify and interrogate complex socio-political issues and communicate them to a broad audience.


Visit us in KABK’s spaces BA.020 and BA.022 to explore a broad range of audio and video work, murals and 3D models.

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