Visual Echoes

Muriël Bakker

Keywords: Impermanence, Death, Perception

Impermanence and the cycle of life have always fascinated me. Having to deal with the (impending) death of people close to me made me decide to start a project about this. I began with researching how death is visualised in Western society and how our emotions towards it are shaped by these visualisations. My research led me to different scientific perspectives from fields like philosophy, psychology, and physics. Especially studies that challenge the idea of an independent reality and the suggestion that the act of observation can alter the nature of what is being observed. 

Guided by these ideas, I started a photographic exploration of how our observations are not absolute truths but are shaped by our perceptions. By presenting a world that is intriguing and enchanting, I invite the viewer to question their observations and become aware of how each person's unique personality and senses create a different image and interpretation. 

Through this exploration, I return to the theme of death, encouraging to reflect on how our perceptions shape our understanding of the temporary nature of life and the interconnectedness of all living things.