Dressing a Bulb

Miro Gutjahr

Keywords: Design, Lamps, Craft

A patchwork of lamps.

We start with the solitary light bulb, a product of streamlined industry, fabricated to illuminate in the most efficient way. Yet illumination is only a part of what we hope to gain from a lamp, indeed it is mostly the selective limiting of light that makes a lamp. So, we start to dress the bulb, we cover it, even a cupped hand will break its direct glare.

Dressing a bulb is a project about exploring light delivery. Through the use of different materials to shade, cover, diffuse and reflect, a patchwork of lamps take shape. With the functionality being so bare and primary, a spectrum arises, where the light may even become secondary to the object that provides it.

All the lamps started with some sort of prompt, a thought or observation that triggered an idea. It could be a specific connection between two components.  A Combination of materials. A new finish or a different type of switch.


Though no matter what prompted an idea, or where the material was sourced, the intent is to push it as far as possible, to control its parameters and use it intentionally. The aim is to create finished objects that can stand on their own, objects that are both pleasant to interact with, to look at and that will last.