Lullaby for Floods

Lullaby for Floods, is an in-between space connecting us to the Earthly turbulences in the new climate regime: it exchanges our inner floods with external droughts, and we escape our inner droughts to swallow into external floods. The dance of water particles run as we are spectators of present ruins/future ghosts and composers of present ghosts/future ruins.

Lullaby for Floods is a live sonic composition. The lullaby embeds data from disruptive floods happened between 2023 and 2024, live weather data (the cloud scanning from weather satellite data) at the moment of the live performance, and field recordings of the places before the floods hittings. Bodies act like turbulences inside the nebulization.

Humans are invited to move into the space during the composition, since rain falls regardless.

A first indicator of the end of the flood during heavy diluges and rainfalls is the coming back of pollinators: crickets, bees, bumblebees settle back in fields once the mud is back in rivers’ bed. (Source,EPA)

 Composing Lullabies for Floods, for not being afraid of sleeping when rain falls again,is a practice of Weathering.

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(Verb). The process of entangling the human identity within a broader system, by freeing Identity/Society boundaries aesthetically and practically designing them as the behaviours and emergences of atmospheric phenomena (such as clouds, fogs, flows, ebbs, waves, storms).

This could implies echoing within the awareness of a belonging to complex adaptive system that transcends the sole human being (ego-tistical) scale in favour of a eco-systemic one.46 The shift from BEING in the weather to be a weather being. Epistemologically embodying and embedding transparency, uncertainty and fluidity.

As a practice, Weatherscaping is a practical act of de-territorialization, a way of putting back into the initial conditions of turbulence matters such as: volumes and voids of the urban (buildings and public spaces), bodies (as citizens and specimens), ideas and dreams.


“Do you remember what the weather in your dreams was?”

Shifts to

“Do you remember which weather you are in your dreams?”

------------ Transmission stops.

“As many as 13 rivers reached the highest alert level, with the Lamone river in theprovince of Ravenna seeing a particularly sharp rise. One sensor recorded its levelsincreasing from 1 meter (3.3 feet) to 11 meters (36 feet) in 24 hours, and one of itsembankments near the town of Faenza failed. (Source: Earth Observatory, NASA)

These Datascapes and Weatherscapes are in the back of our minds, in the backstage of our houses, in the messy cabinets of our dark memories.

Clouds that pass above our heads, relentlessly, holds within all the turbulences. Past, present, future and any molecule we breath. In the changeling feeling of being entangled to the beauty of disruptive phenomena, where echoes of flooded landscapes express the timing of nature as fluctuating present ghosts, to dissolve into turbulences and become Weatherscapes.

Lullabies reveal the co-dependency of our dreams to the external/ex-treme phenomena,in this tension between scales,aerial and liquid, molecules and rivers,data and bodies, inhabitants shaping the space by being composers and being composed. To become the heron, since the rain is the present: it falls and you can't do anything about it.


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