Empty patterns

Illusion, Domination, Attention, Repetition, Expectation, Love and Fragility.

Seven words, seven characters, non only connected to one, all connected to all.

The seven characters reflect upon the online depiction of the ‘female body’. The work is set within a moment of time where I held on to a certain pattern, fed by my algorithm, growing by my hunger for online input. This input presented me a standard of beauty, giving an impression of society, but in conflict with reality.

Online images can be from yesterday, from last week, they can also be from just a second ago or five years ago. A body captured in specific moment in time can be eternally circling on online platforms. It might be deleted from one but resurfacing on an other. There are trends in the way we depict ourselves or others depicts themselves online. These models of depiction produce already over a billion posts on one single platform every single day. Individual photos get lost, but the repetition that shapes standards slowly forms into fossils of a specific period. These fossils represent something we identify with and they present us standards we hold on to.