The cloud is a place on earth

Each e-mail, each bit of data is stored somewhere physically

Cables below, data centers above

Taking up energy, water, and soil

Our digital presence is a physical presence

I explore the physicality of our digital presence by treating the image as an ecosystem. By introducing decentralized authorship, ambiguity, and impermanence, images are co-created by multi-species.

In this installation, data—represented by handmade paper—flows through three data centers, akin to cooling water. The data center closest to the wall features a sheet with soil, emphasizing its physical presence. The middle one has a white-on-white screen print of a data center, symbolizing the invisibility of our digital footprint, similar to the screen printing used in computer components. The third data center has mold growing on top, highlighting how forgotten data can decay, much like neglected photo albums. It also suggests that new opportunities may arise from interconnected approaches, such as 'fungal computing'. Above these centers, a cloud made from tree roots and cables reminds us that our technology is deeply rooted in ecology.

Research paper "The first impression on your skin"

My research into our vision and its untapped, forgotten, or perhaps undervalued potentials. These potentials lie within what I would like to coin “the peripheral gaze”. It is the gaze of interconnected matter.
At the level of matter, we are all equal: everyone and everything consists of matter. Looking with a “peripheral gaze” means seeing which materials are co-performing the image and seeing the ecological interconnections.

This research paper is part of the Lectorate "Matter does matter" exhibition at the KABK Library during the 2024 graduation show.