Behind the scenes

Amber de Ronde

Keywords: Materials, Documentation, Students' daily life

Internship: 75B
Read Thesis, +31616101121,

This open day campaign, created by Amber, reveals the creative processes and stories behind students’ works and materials they use at the academy. By utilizing leftover materials found throughout the academy, Amber offers insight into the students' daily life and working environment.

She shows how these materials, often placed in various locations, create compositions that reflect the diverse creative activities of the students. Repurposed textual elements from lockers, tables, walls, and doors form a new typographic toolkit, capturing the academy's unique character.

The campaign combines these elements to showcase the varied creative processes across departments, featuring the inspiring architecture and interior in which students work. Amber meticulously documents when, where, and what each photo depicts, compiling this into an index and map overview for comprehensive understanding.

She emphasizes that students’ daily life shapes the academy’s identity, reflecting the environment's authentic character. The goal is to inspire future students by showcasing the community's boundless potential.