Could AI Systems Misrepresent Real Scenarios?

Amapola González

Keywords: Warfare, Prophecies, Autonomous weapons

Internship: Femke Dekker (Loma Doom)
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While writing her thesis “How AI & The World of Gaming influence (Real) Warfare”, Amapola became drawn to the idea of AI algorithms becoming the designer of the outcomes behind war strategy, and the two main challenges that they produce: lack of explainability and bias. 

Referencing the ancient Oracle of Delphi, Amapola aims to explain our reliance on foreseeing the future to create strategies that meet our goals. To represent the transition of AI systems as the new oracle of our modern day. 

The arrows mirror the target’s reflection, inviting the viewers to see their reflections within the weapon providing a glimpse into what an autonomous weapon could foresee.

Amapola seeks to translate the impact of our engagement with these technologies as AI systems are deployed as autonomous weapons in war.