W.I.P.: Windmill In Play

W.I.P.: Windmill In Play is an installation featuring a deconstructed windmill and a video of how it was put together. The object utilises winds to help collect and transport sand from one point to another point, moving in a looped motion that gradually shapes the ground, leaving behind a visual imprint of the wind's power. The project questions how winds have been harvested through windmills and reflects on how we perceive and appropriate winds. The windmill, as a concrete example but also as a metaphor for modern industrialisation, is implicated in the dichotomy between humans and nature. It exemplifies the rationality of seeing the natural world as a resource, a power that reconstitutes experience through its mechanical structure. In playing with the composition and function of the windmill, I contemplate how we can cultivate a different relationship with winds through the integration of personal narratives and ways of sensing.

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