Grey is the combination of black and white

One is deep, the other shallow.
One with an open top, the other one closed.
An open left door, an open right door.
One has a layered top, the other a layered body.

Black and white together as opposites make grey.
Grey is the ultimate color of balance.
The house is symbol your world.
The uniqueness of people is beautiful but also very mysterious.

Every person has their own (sub)consciousness, their own home.
You can never enter someone else's and never welcome somebody into yours.

I drew these with my left hand, although I am originally right-handed. With oil pastel.
The folded houses are made of blank newsprint paper. Its soft and thin paper with a light grey color.

I work in the corridor of school.
It was the only place I could find that fit the size of the drawing (3x4meter).

I folded several small houses of approximately 20 cm high.
No doors and no windows. My personal origami.
The repetition in my work is important.
No plan and no rules.
Feel the form.
I present them on the ground. The floor is created from the same paper as the houses.

They are small and vulnerable. You could never go in.

The floor of the houses is corresponding with the galery doors, in color and in shape. 8 light grey rectangles.

The drawings are site specific.

Open up and make it big.

I cut a door in the houses.

Opened the galery doors.