Beyond the Game

Leona Wehrenberg

Keywords: Animation, Manipulation, Video game

Internship: HFS Studio
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Beyond the Game is an animated video and installation that brings to light the manipulative tactics employed by game companies, especially when targeting children and minors. These companies rely heavily on in-game purchases, which are digital items, goods, or services that can be acquired within video games using real money. These purchases are easily accessible to children worldwide. Although the video game industry has now become a platform for marketing and sales, there are no regulations in place, despite clear exploitation of human behavior patterns, similar to gambling. 

Minors often struggle to recognize the exploitative nature of these practices, and parents frequently lack the necessary understanding to assess their implications. This poses a significant problem as game companies utilize psychological tricks to extract money from players, especially minors whose brains are still developing.

Inspired by the alluring lights, captivating colors, and enticing giveaways employed by game companies to promote and sell their games, the installation captures the essence of this marketing culture while encouraging reflection on its impact.