Leonardo Reuvekamp

Keywords: Memory, Hyperreal, Existential philosophy

Internship: Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukacs

I Imagine the world upside down, I find myself between clouds in a blue sky, from where I gaze down upon a field, which reaches back into the past and as well into the present.

Leonardo Reuvekamp’s video work ‘No Exit’ immerses us in the Dutch landscape, serving as a canvas for his exploration of how our past shapes our present. Unveiling the lingering presence of memories, he delves into their haunting effect on our lives.

The characteristic of the work is the mutation and development of the memories in which reality and fiction enmesh.Through the recreation and activation of self-portraits, Leonardo embarks on a process of self-discovery, unraveling layers of identity and bringing to light hidden aspects of the self. It is an attempt to take control over traumatic childhood experiences employing a working method that can render the truth elusive and reconstruct its meaning. Leonardo addresses hyperrealism, where the visible and tangible elements of his work grasp upon the physical experience.

To what extent can technology mimic reality?