The Duet

Julia Olijkan

Keywords: Car, Mobility, Body

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The car, as a product of industrialisation, has had an enormous impact on society, bestowing newfound autonomy and transforming urban landscapes. It became a symbol of status and personal expression, sparking debates on individual freedom versus collective responsibility. Its rise marked a seismic shift in human existence and has come to symbolise the pursuit of independence, individuality, and mobility.

 Between metal and skin, an intimate entanglement takes place—a dance of human and machine, where two opposite bodies meet and discover the tensions of love and hate, desire and fear. Originally designed to enhance human mobility, the car has become an extension of the human body. With a spin of the wheel, a symbiotic bond is created, intertwining their fates in a complex embrace. Yet, amidst this choreography, a tantalising question lingers: who orchestrates the steps and who succumbs to whose rule? Do humans, with their wayward will, lead the mechanical beast, or are they caught in the grip of the machine’s intoxicating pull? The tango between man and car unfolds, an uncanny duet.

Film 1 (main): 9’52”

Film 2: 02’52”