In My Tender Care

Charlie, a 27 year old man, caring for and still living with his mother, has become obsessed with collecting and building mousetraps. When she brings home a boyfriend for the very first time, Charlie cares a little too much.

“In my tender care” is a mixed-media installation consisting of animatronic talking mouths in a set, a floor to ceiling projection of computer generated animations, and two additional video works presented on CRT TV screens. Originating from a screenplay, the installation seeks to give agency back to the audience by removing the chronology of a film’s timeline. Turning points and whole acts are presented simultaneously, locked in scenes that are scattered across the room. Exploring each scene will expose more of the story and they can be viewed in any order.

The installation features the voices of Esmée Witsel as Susan and Finn Stevenhagen as Charlie.

Cover photo by Ira Grünberger.

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