Too Early Too Late

Daria Afanaseva

Keywords: Landscapes, Opacity, Plural temporalities

With this body of work my intentions were to explore landscapes as an idea, evoking space that is much bigger than just a place. Through the paint- ing I have come to think of a landscape as a multidi- mensional space where ideas about plurality of the worlds could be discussed.
In the space of omnipresent landscape the scale of everyday activities and the scale of world changing events are equalised, and the temporalities of plu- ral worlds exist simultaneously. I imagine there are moments of distortion when things come across each other, and a border between plural realities becomes permeable for a second. Then small and ordinary things, like uniform, might enable bigger conversations, making you think of other things and places. From this position we come to see how mundane things are parts of the things universal.

Coming back to the same subject or source image is deliberate and formative. It stands for plurality, sea- sons, migration, tides and strain. I am entering these conversations through painting. Titles are ways into knowing, they are a trope and a starting point for the journey leading beyond the visual.