we are not done yet

immediate space with unstable media

loops of rhizomatic memetic performance


body is seen as a complex network

web of interconnected signs and symbols. 

body is consumed by the notion of the loops.

the beginning is connected to the end, and that one can become trapped in a perpetual cycle of self-reference and recursion.

body embraces the unpredictable nature of human movement as a site of constant change and transformation, a rhizome of connections that defied fixed meanings and structures.

body understands that language is inherently arbitrary and that our understanding of the world is constructed through a system of signs and symbols that are pointing to something beyond themselves.


that bears only to itself

objects with dissolved meaning

metaphor is not true 
not true in the ordinary sense

it’s dealing with created mental world

metaphors will almost always tell an untrue story quietly and thoughtfully

semantic sabotage

things in-between

meanings in array

we could start all over again

in an act of waiting


rehearse it like it is a play

we are not done yet

waiting in a desolate landscape

androgynous mind is resonant and porous
(Woolf, Virginia. A Room of One’s Own)

the unfamiliar

we exist for the others

the world is temporarily closed

for now

terra incognita, hic sunt leones