Accelerated erosion of a wall No. 2

Aldo Brinkhoff

Keywords: Auto-destructive art

A Concept for Auto-Destructive Art by Aldo Brinkhoff: 

Take any part of a space; the wall, a door, a pipeline, the ceiling, a rug, a chair, a radiator, etc. and replace it with a self-made material that is able to disintegrate faster or is less corrosion-resistant than the original part. An important aspect of the work is that, at least in the beginning, the replacement is indistinguishable from the original. Also present in the space is a mechanism that causes a process of disintegration to the replaced part, this can be any disturbance by the visitors like footsteps, voices or the air they breathe out. Or something that is part of the space itself, like leaking pipes, vibrating air conditioning, the heat from a radiator or physical strain by a closing door. 

Destruction is an natural process, the law of conservation of mass states that in a chemical reaction, mass is neither created nor destroyed. It just changes form. In the forest, you will find trees in all states of their growth and all states of their destruction. Every organism on this planet derives its energy from its environment, in order to grow it has to destroy. Within all life - human and non-human - creation and destruction exist simultaneously. They exists according to the same rules. 

According to Bruno Latour, treating nature as something separate from society is the root of our ecological problems. I think Auto-destructive Art has the power to change the viewers' perspective on the concept of nature. Or rather: I think Auto-destructive Art can show that the notion there exists something other than nature has always been an illusion.