More Than One

Wies Mobach

Keywords: Mycelium, Ceramics, Sound sculpture

In the creation of sculpture, on the verge of life and death, I invite you to become part of an ever-accelerating interplay of vibration and matter; infinitely (de)composing into new shapes and symphonies. 

Through the process of artificialisation, our culture has become increasingly detached from our natural surroundings. Our built environment is mostly constructed from lifeless materials that have created barriers, opposing natural flow to emerge. I seek to let go of a sense of control; and question how we create space for the other to move, adapt and interfere. 

Fungi became my muse as it is mostly invisible, but ever-present to feed, defend and break down all we ever are and will be. I believe we are looking at something that transcends human intelligence, a super-organism that has the capacity to draw into itself a variety of environmental factors, connecting life and mediating resources.

Half the sculpture is shaped from clay, as the clay shaped me, to its final outcome. Through the process of firing the clay, it transforms into ceramics, which creates a static lifeless material. The other half is grown from the fungal network mycelium; which is much more than a material but rather a carrier of life that is able to de- and reconstruct matter, dissolving the borders between past and future, between life and death. 

When the mycelium is alive, it is in constant movement, which I sense and transform into sound. Making experienceable, the interactions that take place through the process of decomposition. Composition in the sense of sound, in relation to material, responsive to our intention. To understand, that we are more than one.