Pale Blue Dot

Weronika Uyar

Keywords: Optics, Perception, Earth

Internship: Leslie David Studio, Paris
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The world we perceive is an uncanny illusion created in our minds with the help of our senses, with the purpose of achieving cognitive closure in our personal experience of phenomena in our environment. We view the layers of the sphere we live on, through optical mechanisms in our disposal, from natural lenses (such as our eyes) to human-made technologies. The perception of the pale blue dot, as astrologist Carl Sagan refers to our planet Earth, alters according to the optic you gaze through.

Pale Blue Dot is an experiment, a lab, a search for a true mesmerising image in colour, detail, and sharpness of Earth. It is a collection that represents and speculates with a wide variety of lenses and perspectives, urged by scientific research that highlights thethreats to objectivity that divergent representations of the globe introduce. Weronika Uyar invites you to take a closer look at our dot, our home, us.