Divine Order In Chaos

Tugay Adem Kader

Keywords: Painting, Installation, Performance

tugayademkader.com, tugaykader@gmail.com, instagram.com/art.by.tugi

A space for healing...
“Divine Order In Chaos” is the graduation installation I am currently working on.

Using feelings as a strong sense I have been sharing my inner world.

A journey of heart ache and healing. Heart ache that became physical caused by heavy emotions, traumas and life events...

Using mediums such as sculpture, painting and video work I am creating an installation where vulnerability and healing are in the fore front.

A surrealist space held using reflective and transparent material that embodies the visual of flowing water. When a light source is projected it creates specular reflections that feel alive by the movement caused by air flow. It has the feeling of being underwater, where time has less presence. The combination of the specular reflection on some points on the paintings create movement and new element of liveness.

The paintings are made with the brush strokes that continuously blend into each other, where the painting doesn’t feel enclosed into the canvas. The mirroring of the works play with the idea of duality. Therefore, having a mirroring ceiling that allows the painting to expand above creates a strong visual.

The artworks themselves represents different points of my on going journey through experiences such as;

Longing for intimacy

Understanding of self love

Balance of light and dark

Sacred Sexuality