Toran M Wolstencroft

Keywords: Vr v.i.p toilet experience

“EAT, SHIT DIE” serves as a risk assessment. 

A speculation of a future society which is polarised between a small, governing elite and ‘the useless eaters’. 

In the future, individuals, not part of technocratic elite, will be confined to living quarters of 2 cubic meters within a monolith named “THE BLOCK SYSTEM”.  

Within this unit ‘the useless eater’ has access to the “vast and limitless realms” of virtual life through a VR headset. Basic nutrition is provided by one machine, which transforms bodily waste back into food.  

This is the ultimate sustainable future, a utopia for the elites - a chance for the earth to heal as the masses live in compact boxes tucked out of sight and mind. 

“Why rent a VIP toilet?” 

“The VIP toilet of Barthen Verhuur will lift every party to a higher level due to its luxurious and robust appearance, both inside and out. With a fresh water flush, a stainless steel toilet bowl, an integrated hand wash station, a built-in waste bin for used paper towels and a large mirror, the VIP toilet offers just as much comfort as a toilet at home.”