Computation and Waste

Stefan Lang

Keywords: Computational design, Waste, Material

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»Computation and Waste« is a project that combines the capabilities of  computational design software with the pressing issue of construction waste. By using a 3D-scanner, discarded material is digitalized and collected into a digital archive, which the software uses to create products with the given geometries. The goal is to minimize the need for raw materials when building and designing, and to think beyond standardized materials to envision multiple material futures. What can be designed when irregular surface structures no longer hinder a design process?

In this  project, I explore how material found in a dumpster can be used to design with. By using the production material as a prime parameter to guide the design process, I aim to rethink the relationship between design and production.

With the shift in perspective that my project introduces, the construction dumpster is turned into an archival site, and waste becomes material for the design process.