Insperable Separation

Soyoung Park

Keywords: #fashion

Internship: Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Atelier,, +31655914631

Recently I realised that I became a screen addict. This cutting-edge technology is my whole world. Once it stops my world stops. And I guess that I am not the only one who thinks like this. This small and smooth device shows fake reality, a 3-dimensional world through a 2-dimensional surface. It brings us the new virtual world and only allows the smooth texture and experience, unlike nature where the smoothness and roughness coexist in harmony.

Then comes the counterattack from nature, in the form of a pandemic. Now we are forced to pause and and lock ourselves in this 2-dimensional world. While we are being into the fragile screen, the true reality, the nature is bouncing back into its 3-dimensional entity.

This endless story between nature and humans has inpired me. I believe that the things we have created as human beings and regard as perfect are somehow always related to nature. We put endless effort to conquer nature with technology. Then at a certain point nature also attacks us on an unexpected scale. Though human beings are trying to differentiate and separate themselves from nature, we cannot survive without nature. However, from nature’s perspective we are not indispensable. It is our hubris towards nature that does not accept that it does not work the other way round either.

With my collection “Inseparable Separation”, I try to convey the current ironic situation, which is the never-ending tail catching relationship between human being and nature. This is translated with Möbius strip. Shapes and silhouettes were naturally created while embodying Möbius strip structure by replacing garment patterns and strips around the body. Our hubris and delusion are expressed in the textiles with combination of the various types of organza, manipulated synthetic fabrics and order made weaving fabric. The laser cut synthetic fabric with the broken screen pattern gives extra fragility. The needle pushing technique and 3d weaving with optic pattern are about the connection between 2d and 3d.