Mutating Spectator

Sohyun Park

Keywords: Feminist posthumanities, Instagram

You have suffered and were sick from alienation, but the suffering itself was not your problem. If you feel isolated, oppressed, and disastrous the solution is to truly empathize with others, rather than undergo psychological treatment. Thus will we be able to promote inter– and co-existence.

The aim of the collection "Mutating Spectator" is to uncover our entangled relationships with one another. The collection leads the excluded, world-bearing, and suffered individual to a shared consciousness. By expanding the category of community through “Care”, the collection proposes how we can perceive a more advanced way of being. 

The pieces within the collection are somewhat organic but we cannot say what exactly they are. They could be body parts or other organs. They are offered in a very exaggerated form as a principle of growth. They spit out their extensions while fusing across the real and virtual surroundings of society. If you go closer, you see that there are pieces of leather or fake leather intertwined together as a hybrid form. It is concerned with combining disparate things in order to challenge and reconstruct established realities, or construct new ones. A fusion of materials reinterprets existing material relationships, and, furthermore, it demolishes the dichotomous states of subjects and objects, and fixed aspects. Patchwork is a delicate technique that connects beings and bandages others’ wounds at any time. Each material collides, but the final form becomes a part of a fluffy object.

Through communication and negotiation between each other’s differences, we can perhaps relate to one another, the ways we interact with the world, our patterns of self-awareness, and even the ways in which we attach meaning to our lives. Imagining another, more valuable world is an expression of upholding life. The practice of creating relationships that elicit the ability to react positively to such vulnerabilities is an attitude that resists power relationships which destroy or hierarchize weakness. If vulnerability is a shared state of being, then we are not alone in our exposure, and both pleasures and responsibilities are shared throughout the collective by the attribution of interconnection and assemblage.

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Photo by Lana Medaković
Photo by Lana Medaković