I remember very little from tonight, it’s just an image

Sofia Nikolaeva

Keywords: Dreaming, Meaning, Perception

Internship: Glamcult, Amsterdam
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Since the dawn of civilisation, dreams have been making us curious: from the stone-carved headrests in ancient Egypt, to Jung’s dream interpretations, to dream coaching apps on our phones today. We are captivated by the vibrant and bizarre nature of dream narratives, and are particularly eager to grasp, understand and make sense of them. Making sense of a dream or otherwise deciphering their ‘non-sense’, takes a peculiar path when dream sharing and collective meaning making processes are facilitated. With Iremember very little from tonight, it’s just an image, Sofia Nikolaeva presents a dreamscape in which the individual dream contents are appropriated and shaped tangibly. To fulfil this pursuit, Sofia invited her close friends to take part in dream journaling sessions and with these contributions, she extracted artefacts from dreams and shaped a collective dream scene, in which intimacy is deconstructed, curiosity and interaction are appreciated, and dreams are celebrated. What briefly existed in one’s sleeping mind, overnight incarnates into a collective tangible matter.

Publication '15 Nights 7 People 47 Dreams'
Textile Object 'Envelope' / From Dream No. 12 by Sofia
Textile Object 'Hand with Seeds' / From Dream No.17 by Anastasija
Textile Objects 'Bra' / From Dream No.24 by Diana