Signe Grønlund

Keywords: Carnivalesque, Hyperreality, Ordinary,

Everyday is a masquerade that unfolds - a game of hide and seek. Everyday, we cover up and hide behind masks to either fit in or to stand out. So, why don’t we foolishly enjoy this masquerade?

In my graduation project, I explore the poetry of masquerade by dressing up, by covering up. I am the fool fooling the fools. I believe in dressing up, fooling around, dressing down and showing the poetry of this process. In the spirit of the fool, nothing is too silly or too serious. I can be the clown, the gorilla or the mattress I want to be. 

We are surrounded with the ordinary, but somehow its innate beauty does not catch our attention. I fool around with the ordinary, I explore the poetry in boredom, uniformity and ugliness, by fooling around with ordinary utilitarian objects: An inflatable mattress, a sewing machine cover, couch covers and restriction tape. I fool around with recognisable objects and their covers to dismantle the ordinary and exalt it into a hyperreality. I copy an ordinary object that already has a close relationship to humans, but I present it in a clothing context. The copy becomes an imprint of an existing object placed in a new context. The object is the model, which generates a series of covers and imprints, which leaves traces in the garment. Covers and imprints are copies of the model, and the garments are copies of the copies. In this process a series of copies is created all containing symbols of the object that refers back to the model. By closer look, the ordinary might be our revelation. 

I wish to create an ordinary hyperreality as a rebellious response to the unglamorous glamorous contradictory embedded in fashion. Is that the reality of a fool?

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