Sarah Hoogman

Keywords: Extended perception, Vibration, Ions

Internship: Zoro Feigl,,

Sarah Hoogman is an interdisciplinary artist who reduces the enormity of the universe and the minuscule of the natural phenomena to the human scale. With her experience-based scientific installations, integrated into the natural landscape, she translates, what is beyond our limited senses, into a tangible experience. In this way, she tries to understand natures systems and explores what is beyond our realities while researching the interfaces between technology, science, nature and art.

The mist of VIBRANT MATTER creates a higher amount of negative ions in the courtyard. The Lenard effect shows how negative ions are formed when water molecules collide with each other. An electron vibrates apart and binds to another molecule in the air. This molecule becomes a negative ion at that point. Scientific research shows the positive effect of negative ions on our happiness hormone Serotonin. In VIBRANT MATTER Sarah Hoogman translates this vibration of the invisible electrons into tangible vibrations for the human body.