Sarah Dietz

Keywords: Domestic environment

The works I create are closely related to me. Often it shows an inner world that deals with fear, vulnerability, discomfort and melancholy. In my work I am looking for the emotional non-tangible reality, one that we all have to deal with but that is sometimes hard to find or to connect with in this digital age.  

My work consists mainly of drawings. Drawing is very important to me, it is a way to make everything that is in my head logical and understandable. The decisiveness, the directness and the meditative aspects that the medium represents for me add an extra layer to the subjects that I often touch upon in my work. The labor-intensive nature of the work and the fact that you can clearly see the time that has gone into it also add to this.  

I also collect old photographs, books, furniture and so on. I find it fascinating how something can make time tangible and for a split second offer you a sense of connection and fear at the same time. Aspects of this I often use in my work. Sometimes a pattern, a color but often just the feeling it evokes.  

For this piece I mainly looked at wallpaper, especially wallpaper from the 1920s and the accompanying patterns. Within these patterns I went in search of the humane and the emotional, something that patterns at first glance would not contain.