Rio Drop

Keywords: Installation, Assemblage, Video,,

“Rewind” is an installation that consists of three works, which revolve around the loss of the right-hand index and middle finger from the artist’s partner. 

The three-piece consists of assemblage "Heed/Muted", video "Rewind" and postcard installation "Dream-time (schaden/freude)". It circulates stages of grief, researching topics ranging from healthcare to insurance to social consequences. The works were created from a deep urgency to deal with emotional and physical trauma.

“All I need to do is to go back one step in time and overwrite. I am looking hard for a modus that will allow me to jump back ten seconds so I can avoid the mistake. I mentally press alt-ctrl-del to undo the most recent activity. It’s a wrong exit, time-wise. Time freezes, hypothetically, and I step outside of myself. I look and point at the danger, 'watch out!'. But the mill only turns one way, 8000 rounds per minute.”

At the fatal moment in which my partner lost two fingers, for a fraction of a second, his mind made him believe that he could simply step back in time and undo the damage. By flashing back to his early life through pictures, slowly moving towards the present, he ruminates on this conviction by undoing damage with surgical precision. While the undoing of damage through rewinding time remains but a digital fantasy, the in reality contra-productive action acknowledges the physical change as irreversible.

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