A Mukbang Love Story

Ella Wang-Olsson

Keywords: Internet culture, Streaming platforms, Mukbang

instagram.com/xie3lla, xie3lla@gmail.com

A Mukbang Love story explores a false addictive love carefully manufactured for the consumer nodes of the 21st century . It tells a dystopian tale through the lens of a music video and painting, combining mukbang sounds and over saturated visuals to immerse viewers in the reality of internet steaming culture

~ your hyper succulent smacks keeps me foolish under the dark empire of unwanted swag ~

The main sound track in this piece is completely made out of eating sounds taken from mukbang videos on YouTube and made collaboratively with Marvin Lalihatu

Mukbang is an internet phenomenon where people post videos of themselves eating online.

This installation is an extension on my thesis project which was all about mukbang - exploring the origins and reasons for its popularity today.

The existence of mukbangs speak loudly on how the parallels of internet addicted  is having an influence on all aspects of the human experience, including eating.

Walk around, peep though the installation or have a seat ~ as you are welcomed into the glitched out world of streaming platforms and internet indulgence …

This installation consists of an oil painting and 2 projections. The main work is a video featuring a song completely made out of mukbang sounds.

This project would not have been possible without the following people:

Marvin Lalihatu

Alex Koch

Andrea Bonderup

Dustin James

Georgia Christu

Jaan Pavliuk

Kelsey Corby

Lui Wolstencroft

Malcom Baraka Wamunz

Milu Chen

Mila Narjollet

Noor Remmen

Obbe Van Der Weide

Paula Hernandez

Safae Gounane

Tingyi Jinag

Vasco Sousa

Toran Wolstencroft