You Huddle To Keep Warm

Elizar Veerman

Internship: Dana Lixenberg,

Over the past years I’ve portrayed boys and men with a history of displacement as they reclaimed space. I found them in segregated Moluccan neighbourhoods, places like Soto or Muizenberg in the former Dutch Antilles, in the cités of Marseille and in the peripheries of several other European cities. These boys and men acted as mirrors. I recognized myself in their histories, their aggression, their joy, their wounds, their vulnerability, their armour and their masks. ‘You Huddle To Keep Warm’ is a tribute to the boys and men who recognized and welcomed me (and my camera) into their space.

Aldomejo, Rafa, Pocket Coffee, Deluxe, Murat, Djaverron, Claudio, Christo, Sharky, Larry, Saf, Tchek, Brian, Renis, Jair, Masoed, Jur, Samir, Nabil, Sofiane, Mo, Yous, Henrie, Kleintje

Rest in peace, Fresh 18-05-2022    

RMS flag, Moluccan neighbourhood Vaassen
Mo & Yous