Immortal Projections

Clara Pallí Monguilod

Keywords: Allegory, Immanence, Virtual

'Immortal Projections' (2022, 10min) is the fifth in a video series titled 'Latent Apparitions'. Each work of the series takes different painting genres of the seventeenth century as a starting point, such as still life, animal scenes and landscape. 

While none of these paintings have the human figure as a direct protagonist, they become actors or sceneries to tell stories of how these visual representations from early capitalism started shaping new ways of experiencing the world that still impact the way we live. 

For example, ways in which we relate to one another, to materiality, ambition, nature, new technologies, as well as to a sense of endless continuity and progress, as it is the case in 'Immortal Projections'.  

Photos: Jhoeko.

Video still 'Immortal Projections'
Video still 'Immortal Projections'
Installation view 'Immortal Projections'